Dr. Butterman was interviewed for an Article that appeared in Dental Products Report on April 6, 2017. Dr. Butterman discussed using a digital workflow to deliver a high-quality implant restoration in a single appointment. Before, patients would come in for impressions and then have to return a week later when the implant crown was ready. Now, Dr. Butterman uses his CAD/CAM system to provide patients with an implant crown in just one visit.

He was quoted as saying: “For the dentist, it’s easy to say I want to see the patient for a 15- to 20-minute appointment for imaging, but it’s very different for the patient. For that short appointment, our patients might have to take off an entire day of work or hire a babysitter. There are so many issues that come into play that make this easy appointment very difficult for our patients. If we can eliminate that extra step and take one appointment away so they don’t have to use vacation time, patients are thrilled with that. Nobody wants to wait, and nobody needs to wait anymore because the workflow has improved so much.”


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