DO NOT CONSIDER ANY OTHER DENTAL TEAM. THESE FOLKS ARE THE BEST. I just experienced a root canal. Dr Dan, Bri, and Dani teamed up on me. No pain at all. They used a new device than keeps your mouth open and collects the “stuff” that accumulates in your mouth. It is so comfortable I almost fell asleep until I noticed the three faces and six hands in front of me doing this amazing pain free performance. Recently I had 13 teeth replaced in two hour and a half appointments. Recently my daughter was visiting from Wash DC and needed two crowns replaced. Soon she will have a couple more replaced. She has fun bragging that her dentist is in Denver. The front office is amazing. We have known Patty for 25 years. She and Irene take care of everything. THIS IS THE FINEST DIGITAL DENTISTRY IN DENVER OR ANYWHERE.


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