The Laser Difference

At Butterman Dental, we strive to make dental treatment as comfortable as possible. To make gum surgery a pleasant experience for our patients, we use the CO2 Laser instead of a scalpel. The Laser reduces the risk of infection, causes less bleeding, and produces less swelling than traditional surgery.

“Been going to this office for for 18 years and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. Every staff member should be commended for their friendliness and professionalism as well as putting people at ease through an uncomfortable situation. Thank you, Dr. Butterman and staff!!”


Gentle Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease, also referred to as gum disease, is a chronic, painless and communicable infection that occurs when bacteria penetrates below the gum line. Unfortunately, periodontal disease often goes undetected or is ignored until severe gum and bone destruction is imminent. Left untreated, gum disease can cause tooth and bone loss. While traditional treatment for gum disease can be painful, laser therapy offers a gentle solution. The laser gently disinfects and evaporates infected tissues from around the tooth and inside the gum pocket. Laser treatment interrupts the bacterial destruction of the tissues and bone, giving the gum pocket a chance to heal.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Technology

The CO2 laser is a “no touch” technology. The laser beam kills bacteria in its path, producing a sanitizing effect. Laser therapy reduces the risk of infection, causes less bleeding, and produces less swelling than traditional surgery. While traditional surgery may still be indicated for severely advanced periodontal cases, laser therapy is a much more conservative, effective and comfortable option for beginning to moderate periodontal cases. If you suffer from bleeding or receding gums, don’t wait to get help. Laser therapy is a gentle and effective treatment that can be performed in an hour or less.

Cost of Laser Dentistry

How much does Laser Dentistry cost?

  • Because no two patients are alike, we tailor each patient’s laser treatment plan to suit his or her needs. Consequently, the number of appointments, procedures and cost varies on a case by case basis. During your first appointment, we will provide you with a detailed treatment plan, including the estimated number of appointments and pricing. Laser dentistry is an investment, and it is essential to select a dental laser expert with the surgical skills, advanced technology, and extensive experience you trust.

Is Laser Dentistry covered by my insurance?

  • Dental insurance companies are becoming increasingly accepting of covering laser dental procedures because they recognize the benefits of laser dentistry. We can coordinate your coverage with your insurance company and submit a pre-authorization for your treatment. If you do not have insurance, or your insurance company does not cover laser dentistry, we offer a variety of payment and financing options.

Can I get a quote for Laser Dentistry?

  • We provide patients with a laser dentistry consultation that includes a comprehensive treatment plan and pricing. Please call us at (303) 221-3044email us, or use the contact form to schedule your consultation.


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