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3D Imaging

When your physicians need to make an accurate diagnosis, they will often request a CT scan. The same holds true for dentistry. In order to make the most accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation, we have invested in the latest three-dimensional imaging technology — the Axeos Dental Imaging System.

While most dentists take traditional two-dimensional x-rays, our 3D system enables Dr. Butterman to uncover the true diagnosis that may be missed with traditional imaging. This technology goes hand-in-hand with our goal of making your dental treatment safer, faster, and more predictable.


From a Patient’s Perspective, the biggest benefit of 3D imaging is Peace of Mind. Other benefits include:

  • Low Radiation dose (less than a full series of traditional x-rays)
  • No bulky sensors in the mouth
  • A comprehensive scan of the oral-maxillofacial area in just a few seconds
  • Immediate diagnosis and treatment plan in one visit
  • Safety, certainty, and precision during treatment
  • Same cost as traditional two-dimensional x-rays

3D Scanning


Dr. Butterman uses the CEREC Primescan to scan a Digital Impression of your teeth. Instead of filling a tray with impression “goop” that you must bite into and hold in your mouth until it hardens, the Primescan takes seconds to take a digital impression.

The CEREC Software then converts the digital picture to a three-dimensional virtual model of your teeth. In a matter of minutes, Dr. Butterman designs your restoration right on the screen while you watch. Then, the data is transmitted to the CEREC 3D Milling Unit.

3D Milling

3D MillingUsing the CEREC Primemill, Dr. Butterman can mill your crowns, bridges and implant restorations right in our office, usually in just a matter of minutes. They are ready to be placed immediately and eliminate the need for temporaries.

This means that you do not have to wear a temporary crown during the three weeks that it would typically take a lab to make your permanent crown. By doing away with traditional impressions and temporaries, we are able to provide a more comfortable and convenient patient experience.

As resident faculty for cdocs.com, Dr. Butterman has trained other dentists in CEREC technology and 3D dentistry both locally and nationally. He is privy to the latest developments in CEREC innovation. Call us to learn more about the technology and to schedule your visit.


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